Becky moved about the house as quietly as he could so as not to wake Wendy and the children.

You entered.


Naim's actions aren't predictable.

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If you hammer a nail into the stud, you can hang the picture from it.


Why didn't you tell Rainer you were in pain?


I like the fresh air.


His proposals did not fit in with our aims.

Eva should give me a second chance, don't you think?

The rumor soon went about.


Either you or I am right.

The thief disguised himself as a policeman.

I enjoy being with my kids.

He did not repeat the truth to anyone.

Peter is continually making phone calls to his mother.

He set off in the wrong direction and got lost in the woods.

Those twins are identical, not only their faces, but also in their characters.

I don't want to harm you.

Turn off the radio, please.

Summer this year is cold.

I am winking at him, but he's not looking.

It all depends how you handle it.

She dislocated her shoulder.

On a clear, dark night, our eyes can see about 6,000 or so stars in the sky.

In 1957, the Soviet Union sent a female dog named Laika into space.

That's the house they lived in.

Tobias warned us.

I've been studying French.

I was to have finished the work yesterday.

If you ever need a job, come see me.

I will be back late.

The rain kept the fire from spreading.

She had changed so much that I couldn't recognize her.

Kanthan said you were upset.

CEO's of American corporations are paid several times their Japanese counterparts.

I wanted you to be the first to know.

I'm Masensen. I'm not Mohand.


This is wonderful.

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He is said to have made a fortune in oil.


I will now explain this rule to you.

How often and how much should I feed my dog?

The opportunity was grasped at immediately.


Don't make iftar into gluttony!

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We've met some nice people.


Peer helpers made the teacher's job a lot easier, but established a cruel hierarchy among the students.


I wrote down that telephone number.

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Her hair was a mess.

We are to take an exam tomorrow.

There's a park near my house.


Earnie lives right around the corner.

Buckle your seat belts.

I will never forget this.

Joking apart, you ought to see a doctor about your headache.

He actually didn't see the accident.

She was heard to cry.

They could not get there quickly.

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What's that have to do with me?

I thought you went home.

She was eyeing the girl's beautiful ring.


Great men are fond of sensual pleasures.

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If I were you I would schedule a meeting with your language teacher.

Tell Elvis to hurry back.

I'd better wake them up.


His high salary enabled him to live in comfort.

You saw him, didn't you?

I need to know why Ira was absent from school today.

Dan didn't want to tell how he and Linda had met.

This is Mehrdad's man cave.


No one listened.

I'll be watching you.

I feed my dog twice a day.


Look what I've found.

The hall was decorated with Japanese paintings.

I don't know anything about Brandi.

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We just need to talk to Cyrus.

I was hoping you could tell me how to do this.

I didn't say I persuaded Sassan.

I'm afraid we're stuck here.

Eileen is a keeper.

With him there was his son, a young squire, a lover and a lusty bachelor, with locks curled as if they had been laid in a press.

If you're looking for a job, call me.


The next meeting will be held at Dewey's new residence.

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The fruit tastes sweet.

I'd like to see Louise again.

The Brazilian is winning the race.


He failed for want of experience.

He seems to have finished his work.

Mott and Chet met in Boston.

This process has a lot of inconveniences.

Knead the dough gently.

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I risked my life revealing this.

What did Vincent's house look like?

The consumerist society contributes to a continuous increase in the amount of household waste.

I'll follow up with them to make sure that the work gets done.

Did you hear about them?

He could not send his son to school.

I've never been arrested.

What were you doing before this?

Let me just finish this.

"Can we fix it?" - "No, it's fucked!"

I've got to help her.


He came here again.

Why are you so interested in him?

An example of genetic modification is the injection of fish genes into strawberries and tomatoes, a process which prevents these fruits from freezing.


He baited the trap for rabbits.

We came so close to winning.

What prevented her from coming yesterday?

Today I discovered that there's a movie called "The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!"

Every time cigarettes go up in price, many people try to give up smoking.


I just can't live without you.

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You must think by yourselves.


Things that modify nouns (adjective, or adjectival equivalent).

How much is the kilo of pineapple?

Andries enjoys playing golf.

He isn't rich, but he's happy.

Naren can't walk.

Roxanne lives alone in a big house.

I hate the way I look.

How many glasses of wine did you drink before I got here?

Apparently, the meeting will be in Teruyuki's office.

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Consult with her.

Sue offered to pay Vivek to clean his house.

I feel nothing but contempt for such dishonest behavior.

Most of the students are interested in finance more than industry.

Don't get too close with him.

Celeste isn't busy.

Every farmer who owns a donkey beats it.

Donne asks me the same thing every time he sees me.

The palace is surrounded by the people.


A careless person is apt to make mistakes.

How do you avoid snacking between meals?

I am an entrepreneur.

Ken has located Albert.

This is sensitive.

The assistant took the money.

Make it quick.

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He's very sexy.

He made it clear that he had no intention of becoming a professional football player.

I think Dieter knows who shot him.


I want them arrested.

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Do you have an alibi?

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We'd better go in there and get Clara.


You must put up with your new post for the present. I'll find you a better place one of these days.

It's time for lunch.

Irfan abandoned them.


John ran to the station so as to catch the last train.

Why didn't somebody stop me?

Use them all.

I want them all shot.

Every night I go to bed at ten.

It would be a good idea if I went.

My sister works in the cash desk.

They made their way across the river.

You know Laurel, I think.

He and his sisters ate ice cream while the radio was on.

I really enjoyed that movie.


She introduced me to her father.

She is quite impartial.

I got her a doll.

I'm worried about Horst's behavior.

Do thou what's straight still crooked deem; Thy greatest art still stupid seem, And eloquence a stammering scream.